Easy. Smart. Reliable. The Teltonika Teltocharge is a premium quality, highly customisable and simple to use charging solution that guarantees to save you both time and money.


  • Compatible with the new Radius Charge app
  • Available with a power rating of 7.4kW
  • Hassle-free usage and installation
  • Ready for any weather

Customisable to your taste

From slate grey to Accoya wood, and more, the Teltonika Teltocharge boasts a premium design with plenty of options to suit your style.

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Powerful choice

With up to 7.4kW of charging capacity, you can spend less time waiting for your vehicle to charge, and more time enjoying the drive.

Irrefutably reliable

With a robust external shell, it can be safely installed both indoors and outdoors, withstanding even the harshest outdoor elements.

Charging on the go

Fuel and charge your vehicles with ease thanks to our charge cards, no matter how far you or your employees travel.

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A cutting-edge technology platform

Whether at home or on the road, manage your charging with our intuitive software.

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