With an output of 240kW, the Maxicharger DC is great for businesses who need shorter charging times with direct current, in a small and durable package.


  • Up to 240kW of DC power in a compact package
  • Universal CCS2 or CHAdeMO connection options
  • 21.5" LCD touch screen for charger control and advertising
  • Compatible with the new Radius Charge app

Power up

Available as a wall or pedestal-mounted dual socket charger. Fast charging speeds mean you can fully charge most EVs in less than two hours, making the Maxicharger DC the perfect solution for offices, leisure venues and car parks.

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Safety first

PME fault detection is incorporated as standard, meaning you can rest assured you’re charging safely.

Performance, whatever the weather

Sturdy construction and made with high-grade materials, the Maxicharger DC has NEMA 3S protection and is built to withstand all weather and climate conditions.

Charging on the go

Fuel and charge your vehicles with ease thanks to our charge cards, no matter how far you or your employees travel.

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A cutting-edge technology platform

Whether at home or on the road, manage your charging with our intuitive software.

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