Transport for London (TfL) has announced an expansion to their Scrappage scheme set to launch in August 2023. The £160 million scheme will provide financial incentives for Londoners to trade in their old, polluting vehicles for greener and more environmentally friendly alternatives. The introduction of the scheme comes in response to the growing concern over air pollution in the capital, with road transport being a major contributor.



What is the TfL Scrappage Scheme?

The purpose of this scheme is to support London residents in preparing for the city-wide expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) on 29th August 2023. From this date, drivers will need to pay a £12.50 fee to drive within the ULEZ if their vehicle doesn’t meet the emissions standards. Those that do not pay the daily charge will face a fine of up to £160. Successful applicants of the scheme will receive a grant payment to scrap vehicles that don’t meet the emissions standards, easing the financial burden on commuters.

There is also an option to retrofit a wheelchair-accessible van. Retrofitting involves modifying the engine and exhaust system of vehicles to reduce their emissions and make them ULEZ compliant.


Who is Eligible for the Scheme?

To qualify for the scheme, vehicles must have up-to-date insurance, road tax, and an MOT certificate, and they must not meet the ULEZ emissions standards. To comply with the ULEZ standards, vehicles must meet certain Euro emission standards depending on the vehicle and fuel type. Petrol cars and vans must meet Euro 4 emission standards, whilst diesel cars and vans need to meet Euro 6 standards. Motorcycles and mopeds must meet Euro 3 standards. 

The TfL Scrappage Scheme is separated into two sub-schemes, based on vehicle type and applicant:


The ULEZ car and motorcycle Scrappage scheme

This scheme is exclusively for residents of the 32 boroughs or the City of London who own vehicles that do not meet the ULEZ emissions standards. Vehicle owners who meet the criteria can receive a maximum of £2,000 for scrapping a car or up to £1,000 for scrapping a motorcycle. There is also a payment of £10,000 available to scrap or £6,000 to retrofit wheelchair-accessible vehicles to ULEZ standards.


The ULEZ van and minibus Scrappage scheme

This scheme is open to London-based sole traders, microbusinesses, small businesses, and charities. They can receive a grant payment of £7,000 to scrap a non-compliant van, and £9,500 to switch to an electric van. In addition, fleets that decide to retrofit their vehicles will receive £6,000 to do so.



How Does the Scheme Work?

 To participate in the scheme, eligible individuals need to create a London road user charging (RUC) account online. The process involves checking the vehicle’s compliance with ULEZ emission standards, scrapping the vehicle at an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) and obtaining a certificate of destruction, submitting evidence of the scrapped vehicle, and finally receiving the grant payment once the evidence has been verified.



In conclusion, the TfL Scrappage Scheme is an important initiative aiming to reduce emissions and make the transition to electric vehicles and other green modes of transport more accessible and affordable for Londoners. By providing financial incentives to scrap or retrofit polluting vehicles, the scheme contributes to the broader strategy of reducing emissions and improving air quality in the city. According to Transport for London, there is more than £60 million still available, so there’s still time for you to apply.


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