Smart by name, smart by nature. The British-made Indra Smart Pro allows you to charge your EV at optimum times, for the lowest price. With integrated solar compatibility, take advantage of surplus solar energy by powering your vehicle for free.


  • British made
  • Available with a power rating of 7.4kW
  • Solar integration as standard
  • Compatible with the new Radius Charge app

Solar compatibility

Solar panels installed at work or home? Benefit from free car charging by utilising your surplus solar energy. Your charger will store and divert excess solar power to charge your EV off-grid, without the need for additional kit.

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British made

Indra are proud to be entirely based in the UK. All of their products are designed and built in Worcestershire, reducing global shipping distances and transportation packaging.

Irrefutably reliable

With a robust external shell, it can be safely installed both indoors and outdoors, withstanding even the harshest outdoor elements.

Charging on the go

Fuel and charge your vehicles with ease thanks to our charge cards, no matter how far you or your employees travel.

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A cutting-edge technology platform

Whether at home or on the road, manage your charging with our intuitive software.

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