The Indra Smart Lux is an advanced, compact charger full of smart features to optimise your charging experience. From solar compatibility to an intelligent lighting system, charging your EV at home has never been so easy.


  • Available with a power rating of 7.4kW
  • Choose between a 6m or 10m charging cable
  • Solar integration as standard
  • 4 modern colour options

The slimmest charger on the market

At just under 80mm deep, the Smart Lux is perfect for the minimalists and those with limited space. Even in the most narrow driveways and parking spaces, the robust charger will never get in your way. You can choose between a 6m or 10m charging cable, adding convenience and easier access to the charge point.

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Optimised charging

The Indra Smart Lux makes charging simpler than before, with an inbuilt intelligent lighting feature. The lights change colour depending on the charging status, allowing you to quickly check the status of your charge session without needing to open the app.

Solar compatibility

By utilising the integrated solar mode, you can configure your charger to make use of the excess power produced by your solar panels, enabling you to charge your EV for free.

Charging on the go

Fuel and charge your vehicles with ease thanks to our charge cards, no matter how far you or your employees travel.

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A cutting-edge technology platform

Whether at home or on the road, manage your charging with our intuitive software.

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